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Streaming TV without a TV Box. Includes 10+ channels with local news, live sports, weather.

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Rules And Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Rules and Regulations

Only one connection per account. You may not use your account on multiple devices at the same time, even if it is the same household. Only if you have a family subscription (Duo and plus) It can be used on several devices as long as it is never used at the same time. It is forbidden to share your account with friends, family, etc. You are responsible for ensuring that the account does not end up in the wrong hands. Jumping too fast between IP addresses is forbidden as this is not considered normal use.

Rules for test accounts

Only one Sample per household! DO NOT fill in the Test Form more than once, but it has become a mistake, so email us at and we will correct it. The trial account is valid from the second you receive it in your inbox and 60 minutes onwards. Do not search for a test account if you do not have time to use it, you will not get anything later because you missed or did not need to use it.

Requirement to test our services

All that is required is that you have an internet connection.

How fast do I need internet?

At least 8mbit / s for SD and at least 30mbit / s for HD & FULL HD. Our recommendation is that you have at least 30 mbit / s for them to work clockwise.

Can I use my subscription on multiple devices?

You can do that, you can connect your account on several different devices but only run one at a time.

If you want to be able to use more at the same time, you must purchase either an other IPTV subscription orĀ  a Family Account.

Contact us for the price at

Or go to the 'Store'

Can I bring subscription or box abroad to holiday rental?

Internet is backed by an advanced digital network available across the United States and serving large population centers, suburban areas, and outlying rural districts.

How do I place an order?

You contact us via Live Chat and are waiting for one of us to respond. We help you with payment information. Or press this button 'BUY'

What is included in the package?

Over 50,000+ TV channels and a lot of VOD movies (video on demand) are included for only 1299 SEK / year. We have all Swedish channels from: Cmore, Viasat, ViaSport, Viaplay, Dplay, Strive, Discovery, Film and Entertainment. Everything in one place, ONLY on American TV.